2023 Youth Concerto Competition

Final Round

The final round round of the 2023 competition will take place on Sunday May 14th 2pm-6pm at Merriam School of Music, 100 – 2359 Bristol Circle, Oakville, ON L6H 6P8. All are welcome.

Click on the musician’s name below for a video of their virtual performance for the First Round.


Ryan Huang (piano)

Michelle Yeh (piano)

Aidan Leung (piano)

Kevin Wang (piano)


JUNIOR (continued)

Grace van der Sloot (viola)

Kevin Song (clarinet)

Frederick Huang (piano)

Danita Zhang (piano)


Vanessa Yu (piano)

Alannah Beauparlant (soprano)

Kathryn Rose Johnston (soprano)

Justin Saulnier (violin)

Terrence Wu (piano)